Book Review: Pfeiffer Country: The Tenant Farms and Business Activities of Paul Pfeiffer in Clay County, Arkansas: 1902-1954 (Little Rock: Butler Center of Books, 2009). Agricultural History 85.1 (Winter, 2011): 136-137.

Excerpt from my original review. Recent work on the history of northeast Arkansas has shown that a handful of men emerged as pioneers of the region’s swamplands. One of these was Paul Pfeiffer, an ambitious but generous native of Iowa. In 1901, a trip through northeast Arkansas took him into the backwoods of Clay County. Continue reading

“The Contours of Emancipation: Freedom Comes to Southwest Arkansas,” Arkansas Historical Quarterly 70.2 (Summer, 2011): 109-130.

This article emerged from my MA Thesis as an attempt to complicate the question, “Who Freed the Slaves?” I attempt to show that you can’t understand the question apart from African American agency as well as Union troop movement, making emancipation a process mediated by personal experience and geographical location. Continue reading