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Ryan M. Poe is currently a full stack developer located in Durham, North Carolina. I have over a decade of experience, including work in HTML, CSS, PHP, Ruby, Rails, and Javascript. I love learning new techniques and frameworks to build exciting web apps and innovative new designs.

You can reach me at rmp23@duke.edu and baublet@gmail.com.


I have been designing and building websites since the 1990s. I have years of experience in a range of mediums, from print to digital. With my training in history, which imparted a love for learning and the ability to communicate difficult ideas clearly and efficiently, I bring a host of unique skills to the table.

  • Web Design: Inkscape, Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator
  • Web Development: HTML, CSS, Javascript, WordPress, PHP, Ruby (+ Rails), SQL (Postgres, MySQL), Redis
  • Modern Frameworks and Build Tools: Vue.js, Angular, React, webpack
  • Responsive, Performant Development: mobile-first, progressive-enhancement-centric development
  • Dev Ops: Amazon Web Services, Heroku, DigitalOcean, Dokku
  • Version Control: Git, BitBucket, and GitHub
  • Communication: published in multiple academic journals, experience writing for wide audiences
  • Organization: experience organizing large events

For more information, see my résumé.


When to Use CSS Grids

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Magento 1.x Directory Structure Guide

This past week, I've been taking a crash-course in Magento 1.x. I've been thoroughly impressed that it runs a fairly sophisticated ORM that implements an ActiveRecord-like API in an otherwise DataMapped pattern. It only calls a record's resource handler (which saves the data to the database) when you call a… Read more…

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