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I am a PhD candidate at Duke University, admitted in 2010. I am in the History program working with Laura Edwards, Nancy MacLean, and Jedediah Purdy (at Duke Law). My research is on property law and social order in post-emancipation Virginia. For more information on me and my research interests, see my About Me page, or explore my Preliminary Exam Portfolio.

You can reach me at rmp23@duke.edu and rmpoe.history@gmail.com.


Slave or Enslaved?

In my write-up phase, I'm being very careful with terminology. What we write and how we write it has a serious affect on how readers understand our concepts, analysis, and argument. I'm taking this space to aggregate a discussion on H-Net from 2010 on the use of enslaved person versus slave that helped me grok a lot of concepts I once took for granted. Read more...

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